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The Idea of our Workcamps

The Idea of our Workcamps

Understanding remembrance
Historical-Political Education

Working for peace means working against oblivion. Our youth exchanges and workcamps lead you to places of remembrance of wars and times of tyranny. Within your group you will have guided tours at war graves, visits of museums, talks with contemporary witnesses and workshops about peace education topics. You are going to discuss critical questions, search for the traces of the past, process your impressions and reflect with each other: How could this happen at the time? How am I related to this time? What does peace mean to me? What is our responsibility today? What is the situation in the world today?
Dealing with history and sharing remembrance show how fundamental and valuable respect for every single human being is in order to live together peacefully.

Meeting young people
Encounters - bi-, tri- or international

Working for peace means promoting communication and exchange between people. Our youth exchanges and workcamps are meeting places where young people get the chance to get to know each other and to broaden their horizons together. We are organising bi- or trinational meetings and workcamps in several European countries. We cooperate with partner organisations from youth work. We invite youths from different countries to join our international youth exchanges in Germany. We support the communication in foreign languages and intercultural exchange with pedagogical methods.

Roll up your sleeves together
Work on war graves and memorials

During the workcamps you are going to work approximately 20 hours per week maintaining war graves or memorials of different nations. You are supporting the preservation and restoration of war grave memorials of the First and Second World War, war grave memorials of other nations, Jewish cemeteries and concentration camp memorials. Thereby you are contributing to preserve them as peace memorials. Sometimes hard work is required. Meeting people from the host country, trips in the surrounding areas, sightseeing and other team activities balance the physical labour.

Fun and action
Free time activities

Leisure activities play an important role at our projects: within your group you will have fun and action together. Youths from the partner countries can offer their guests an insider’s guide during visits in nearby cities. Depending on the programme, you can go shopping, sightseeing or spend evenings at the bonfire. Hikes for nature lovers, sporting or cultural activities might be offered as well. Making friends is easy at barbecue, parties or gambling.