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Organisational information

Organisational information

Organisation, accommodation & catering

The youth exchanges and workcamps are organised by the "Fachbereich Internationale Jugendbegegnungen" (Department for international youth exchanges) in cooperation with the Volksbund state associations, partner organisations in different countries, and in part in cooperation with other institutions. They usually last two to three weeks, and they usually take place in the summer holidays. However, we also offer projects during other holidays and also outside of the holidays. The participants reside in simple accommodations such as schools or youth hostels, and they receive full board.

Preparatory meetings

For participants from Germany, there are central regional preparatory meetings for the projects together with other youths who signed up for different workcamps and youth exchanges. You get to meet each other here, you will receive lots of information, you can ask any questions about the Volksbund, you can make plans for the summer together, and you get the chance to talk to each other and have fun. Attending one of the three meetings is recommended for first-time participants in Volksbund camps. The meetings are free of charge, but the participants will have to bear their travelling expenses themselves, so please include them in your budget.

In this year  the preparatory meetings will be online. You will see the dates after the registration for the camp.


Conditions of participation

The conditions of participation can be downloaded here.


Depending on the destination, each participant pays a contribution for the projects (if applicable plus air fare; see respective advertisement). The contribution depends on the country, means of transport, distance, programme and funding commitments. Travelling expenses in the course of the programme, accommodation, boarding, insurances, field trips etc. are included in this amount. If the participant already is a Volksbund member and the membership fees have been paid, a 25 Euro discount on the participation fee applies. The membership application can be filled in and sent online directly on our website.

For the camps outside of Germany, the participants usually depart together from a fixed place of departure. In this case, the costs for this are included in the participation fee, but the participants will have to bear the costs for the trip to and from the place of departure themselves.

For participants from Central and Eastern European Countries (CEE countries) a reduced participation fee (100 Euro) for international workcamps and youth exchanges in Germany applies. For bi- and trinational youth exchange sections in Germany, project-related participation fees apply.

The Volksbund youth exchanges and workcamps are in part supported by public or private funds, e.g. Kinder- u. Jugendplan des Bundes, Stiftung Deutsch-Russischer Jugendaustausch, Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk, Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk, Stiftung Gedenken und Frieden, and other foundations. Many workcamps are supported by Bundeswehr buses and staff (e.g. drivers, cook).

Insurances & health care

For the duration of the workcamps and youth exchanges the Volksbund takes out an accident insurance (including insurance coverage for accidents at work) for the participants. The insurance coverage begins at the departure from the home town and ends at the return there. In case of trips abroad, health insurance coverage will also be offered. For foreign participants (without residence in Germany) who travel to a third country (not Germany), this insurance coverage does not apply. We recommend that these participants arrange their own individual insurance. If there are any health requirements to be complied with, the information provided in the respective specific advertisement is decisive. The Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. recommends that the recommended vaccination protection is checked and, if necessary, renewed before the trip (see travel and safety information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at www.auswaertiges-amt.de, after consultation with your GP).

For the duration of the camp, the Volksbund, represented by the camp management, takes over the legal responsibility for all participants under 18 years (see Conditions of Participation). This also relates to the compliance with the protection of children and young people law (JuSchG).


Online registration available here 

If you have specific questions, you can find the addresses and telephone numbers of the state association organising the project you are interested in in the project advertisements.

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