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Dear interested parties,

here you can find information about youth encounters and workcamps for the current year. When we started planning our camp-season, none of us would have thought that in February 2022 there will be war in Ukraine, in the heart of Europe.

For security reasons we had to cancel some projects. In the course of the next few months changes in the programs, group composition and contents may occur. The main priority in all our projects is the safety of all participants and volunteer teams in charge.

We are now more than ever challenged to actively stand up for peace, democracy and human rights. In our youth encounters and work camps, we are opening space for international dialog, civic engagement, political education and cooperation across borders.

"Together for Peace" is the motto of the Volksbund - together with you we want to set a sign.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to: workcamps@volksbund.de


Your Team International Youth Encounters and Workcamps


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Kidcamps (up to 16 years)
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