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Are you at least 18 years old, interested in history and keen to work with international youth groups? If so, we would like to invite you to join us as a teamer at our workcamps and youth encounters. We welcome people with experience as well as newcomers. Find out here what you can expect and send us your profile.

Shaping youth encounters - taking responsibility

Your work at the International Camp will give you the opportunity to meet motivated young people from all over the world. You will teach them about history, democracy and human rights, language and culture in an interactive way. You will be part of a group of three to four teamers who will design the programme of your camp and look after the participants.

About 25 young people from different countries take part in our two-week encounters. At our camps you will have the opportunity to contribute your interests and strengths. Working with us requires a sense of responsibility, a willingness to work with other team members and conflict management skills. Our training courses will make you fit for this work.

Many of our work camps and youth exchanges are self-catering. If you are qualified, it is possible to work as a cook on a youth exchange.

Teamer Profile

If you would like to support our camps as a teamer, please complete the profile and email it to workcamps@volksbund.de

The profile gives us an initial orientation. When we put together the leadership team, we make sure that the skills and qualifications of each team member complement each other as much as possible. We would like to know what kind of project you are interested in, what language skills you have and whether you have worked in a team before. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your commitment will be rewarded!

  • As a Teamer, you will gain experience that will be useful in your professional life.
  • You will gain exciting impressions and make international contacts.
  • The War Graves Commission covers the costs of insurance, travel, accommodation and meals.
  • We do not pay a fee, but we do pay an expense allowance commensurate with the work you do as a volunteer.
  • We are happy to issue a volunteer certificate.

Leave of absence for your commitment (for teamers living in Germany)

If you work, but still want to volunteer at the work camps, you can apply to your employer for a leave of absence. There are different legal regulations for special leave depending on the federal state. More information can be found at the youth organisations of the federal states and at juleica.de. We can support you with a letter to your employer.


Teamer Conferences: Every spring and autumn we invite all current and future team members to come together and share ideas. There is always an exciting topic for training.

Juleica training: We train future team leaders in a Juleica course (Juleica - Basic Qualification Course for Newcomers).

Camp leader training: Have you already gained some experience as a team leader and would like to deepen your knowledge? Once a year, in conjunction with the Spring Teamers Conference, we offer an in-depth training course.

Training voucher: Have you found an interesting training opportunity at another organisation that will help you develop your skills as a team leader? We will support your commitment and pay the fees on request.

Your idea. Your project. If you have an exciting idea for a project and would like some support, please contact us: 
Anne Schieferdecker (anne.schieferdecker@volksbund.de)
Viktoria Blaho (viktoria.blaho@volksbund.de)