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Please note: As the place of birth is not known for all war dead, the results may be incomplete.

Data collection is not yet complete. In the next few years, approx. 500.000 more names will be included in the database. If the person sought is not yet recorded, you have the option of filling out a search form.

Information for historians/researchers/heir finders

Please note that the excerpts from the cemetery registers which you can request on the detail pages only contain the names and dates of birth and death, the place of death/first place of burial, i.e. where reported missing, and if applicable the current grave site of the war dead or missing.

They do not contain details on the military career or troop unit. The excerpts from the cemetery registers are primarily designed for the relatives of the war dead as a form of commemoration. The excerpts are not suitable for research purposes. If your inquiries are related to historical research or the location of heirs, please direct them to the following address:

Example excerpt from the name book of the war cemetery Rzhev in the Russian Federation.

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