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In this blog, the participants of the International Workcamp "Lausitz 2014" publish their daily camp reports. They talk about the life in the camp and the experiences they made during the excursions and free time activities. We invite you to follow our camp reading this blog and we wish you a lot of fun!



Last day (12.08.2014)

Today is the day of the departure to our homes. We tidy up everything and clean our rooms. We have grown together into a small family and have spent some amazing weeks. Now we are missing each other so much...

We built bridges, in Europe and in Asia - for peace, tolerance and understanding different countries and cultures!

Tony and Mert


Today our great youth camp in Lusatia came to its end. We have lived together for two weeks as if we knew each other for ages - even though we came from seven different countries, we were separated by thousands of kilometers before (and unfortunately now again) and (at least in most cases) we have never met up before. We had a wonderful time with many experiences: our work for peace on the war cemeteries of Nardt and Hoyerswerda, our excursions to different destinations and especially the large number of happy moments in between which we used for playing games and good conversations.

Now silence reigns again in our hostel in Schwarzkollmn, the rooms have been cleaned and everybody is on the (often long) way home. The farewell was hard and difficult for everybody, even tears were falling - at the small railway station of Schwarzkollm and also in Dresden where the rest of our group had to part.

It was a great time. Many thanks to the organizers of the Volksbund and to all regional supporters of the camp. And in particular many thanks to all participants - thank you for being here and for bringing life to our camp in such a grandiose way.

I hope that despite the long distances our new friendships will be long-lasting and durable. And don't forget: In 2015 there will already be the next camp... !!!

Carsten (on behalf of the whole team)



First Goodbye / Saxon Switzerland (11.08.2014)

This text is also available in Russian.

Today, on the 11th of August 2014, after breakfast we started our good-bye-trip to Dresden. The first girls from Ukrain And Moldova went home today: Dasha, Inna, Ira and Zhenya. Before going Anton realized he had no passport and wallet but decided to search for them later. Firstly there was saying good-bye to girls. The weather was cloudy as the sky was upset together with all of us. There was no rain but the tears were falling down as much as it was hard-raining outside. Nobody wanted to leave. Kisses, hugs, hearts full of feelings. At last the bus is leaving, the girls are staying, and all the bus is in silent thinking of not enough time to enjoy the communication, of how it would be great to have some more days together and so on and so on and so on... The next point of our trip was Saxony Switzerland.

For us (Anton and Marina) it was the second time here as we made our first steps on this beautiful land last year. But this time Olaf chose another path, Karsten suggested to take boats and had a small boat trip along the river with green trees and grey rocks on the shores; Marianna was wondering that nothing had changed since last year and we all were breathing hard while going upstairs to the point from which the great picturesque view on the Elba valley was opened. Some free time, some more steps downstairs through the stone bridge just in the mountains and we are already on our way back.

Last shopping time before leaving, last pictures, last words and wishes on the lists of paper\T-shirts, last hours in the camp - the last night is already here. There are only six hours till breakfast, the bags are full of clothes and presents and chocolate, all the people are a little bit nervous and not-concentrated.

The camp is slowly coming to its end. Thank you all that we will never forget it, for all the new things we got to know, for the possibility to do the very good work for the memory of all the victims of the war and for peace. Thank you for the great company, funny games, endless jokes. And for all that happened thanks to what we are already ready to fill the next application form for the next camp.

Anton and Marina

P.S. Passport and wallet were found in the bus, thanks Olaf who had saved them.;)



Lake / Volleyball / Final party (10.08.2014)

It was Sunday, really sun day, we had a lot of fun, finally the weather was with us…

9:00 wake up and prepare yourself for swimming and great feeling of hapiness
9:20 we have finished with the breakfast and at 9:30 we are in the Bus )) everything in german style ))
at 10:20 we were in the water at the sea )) that was really cool, for that we love Germany, good people with nice places
14:00 we were back home for lunch    
15:00 we were playing volleyball and we WIN !!! as usually )))) our play our win )))
18:00 tam tam tadam !!!!! back home and EAAAAAT
Dam tam tam ddaadadam !!!! It was our last weekend together, so in the evening we had a great finally ceremony and….at first I need you to remember that in our workcamp everybody had a secret friend, and today 10.08.2014 we have found who was that great person that take care of somebody from us and make a lot of memorable moments.

In the evening we had a barbecue and fire in the garden with scared policeman coming to see if are we going to destroy our workcamp :D

Our day finished with music, a lot of hugs and a wishes list for everyone.

We will miss u a lot !!!
With love,

Irina and Cristina



Lignite open-cast mining Nochten / Lusatian Boulder Park Nochten / Lake (09.08.2014)

This text will be published soon - at the moment, Jakob still has it at home. :-)









Commemorative ceremony / Dresden (08.08.2014)

This day, like all the days in this camp was “FANTASTICO”. Finally, our work was finished. The day started from commemoration ceremony. Despite the preparings from the whole previous day, we started singing not very good, but then we managed to do it well. Some people from government of Hoyerswerda and some of us get hardfull speaches and read the poems. Then we put flowers on the graves.

In the second part of the day we visited Dresdon again. Just getting out of the bus we were all wet, but it was not because of rain, it was a frame water. Then we had free time and everyone did what he wanted. In the evening we have all met on the bank of the river Elbe and watched an amazing sunset. As we came late home, we all went to sleep immediately.

Jana and Jenea



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