Campblog Wroclaw 2014


Dieser Blog berichtet von unserer polnisch-deutschen Jugendbegegnung vom 11.8. bis 25.8. in Wroclaw. Viel Spaß beim Lesen der Teilnehmerberichte.

The day of arrival - 11.8.14

The german people met at the Dresden Main Station at 11am. At first everyone was a little shy but after a few minutes we started to close contacts. The participants only were splitted into one group of boys and one group of girls. After waiting a while for the bus the journey started by picking up two girls in Bautzen and Goerlitz. In the bus there were animated conversations and slowly we got to know each other better. A lot people had to get up early so they took a nap at the bus trip. The journey lasts 5 hours but it felt like only some moments. When we arrived in Wroclaw we tried to pick up the polish participants but it was quite difficult because the bus was to high to get under the polish bridgets. In the end all people were happy to arrive at the hostel and we refered our rooms.
Afterwards we met at the dining room and had a great meal. Next we played some games to lern the names. Nearly everyone wanted to buy some sweets or some other special things so we went to the shop. There were some guys, we don’t want to say names, who had a massive desire for beer. So they bought some bottles and all there dreams came true. Suddenly someone realized that the beer is alcohol free. The laughter was gigantic and the boys were full of shame and selfhate. They blamed each other even hours and days after this accident.

Best wishes
Annelie and Carla

2nd Day - 12.08.2014

On Tuesday, the 12th of August began the first „real” camp day. After breakfast we set off to guided tour of Wrocław. In fact, we had many guides, one of average height, and the rest.. well, let’s just say they’re big fans of pointy hats :)
We have seen not only Main Square, but also Salt Market, Jatki with interesting monument of slaughtered animals, old town prison and Dome Island Bridge festooned with love symbols of pairs as well as threesomes ;) At this point our group separated to visit Dome Island, including the Cathedral and/or discover other mysteries of city centre. After the lunch we all met in the seminar room to broaden our knowledge on the subject of 1st world war history, as well as listen to Anne, describing to us attitude towards Jewish people in Europe, especially in German Empire, before, during and after  1stworld war. It allowed us to better understand events of those days. Afterwards we went to see our workplace for the next days, at the same time getting to know the history of cemetery and traditions in force on it, thanks to Mr Jerzy Kilcher, former president of Jewish community in Wrocław. In the evening we have taken part in integration games, which were then continued in the pub during common outgoing :)

Weronika & Melania

First workingday - 13.08.2014

9 o'clock in the morning: a group of dynamic, young people from Poland and Germany started to work on a Jewish cemetery in Wrocław: first day of work for our group – so the camp becomes a “work”camp for the first time.

We cleaned the memorial of Jewish front soldiers fallen in the World War I. We also brushed the place around the memorial and raked some leaves away.

All in all we finished much earlier than expected so we had more freetime before lunch.

After we lunched in the restaurant “Impresa” we went to a synagoge next to it. A male member of the Jewish community gave us an impressive and very interesting guiding tour.

In addition, in the synagoge is situated an exhibition about Jewish women and their role in the Jewish community.

Christina & Maria

Polish Evening - 14.08.2014

Breakfast was like every day too early. After that we went to Synagoga to learn something about the Jewish History. After that we had Lunch at 13 00 at the Hostel. The next destination was the Skytower a 52 Floors high building. So we have had a beautiful view over Wrocław. Rigth after this we had the workshop about  the WW1 and talked about some German Jewish Soldiers and their life and death. Later we had the polish evening. We made a Quiz about poland and made a traditional dance „Polonez” and watched a very nice music Video. After that we had some polish food in the dinning room.  :-).

Sebastian & Michal

Visit of the Church of Peace - 15.08.2014

On Friday, 15th of August, as usual, we ate a breakfast at 8 a.m., and then we went to work.

At the cementary we set in order a piece of it's permises with forgotten graves from the 40'.

After the work we all had a quick shower, so that we could make the dinner appointment

in the restaurant just in time. With our stomachs full we traveled with the bus to Świdnica

There we could visit beatiful, historic and, worth pointing out, wooden, Church of Peace.

Thankfully, after the sightseeing we were given some free time, we could spend on our own.

In the evening we returned to the hostel for supper and went politely to bed.. 

HA, HA, HA, HA, no. :)

Paulina & Ania

German Evening - 16.8.2014

Today was Sabbat therefore we weren't allowed to work on the cemetery. At first we wanted to go climbing but it was raining heavily so we decided to go bowling. It was really fun and after that we enjoyed a lot of freetime. Most of us went shopping or decided to go to a cafe.
After dinner the german evening started. We had a lot of fun while learning and teaching some hilarious facts about germany, eating german food and listening to german music.
To conclude we can say it was a nice and relaxed day.

The one and only Victoria & Miriam

24 hours in Kraków - 17.08.2014                                                     

This morning was really hard because we had to get up earlier than ever before. Breakfast at 7 am! But who cares about early mornings when you can have some sleep on the bus and you’re going to visit such a wonderful city as Kraków?! Some hours and breaks later we arrived at our hostel in Kraków which was in fact a boarding school. We were stunned by our rooms.

Then we started a city tour which was guided by Jagoda, Monika and Anne. (Not to forget that we were just bummeln not fummeln although we have holidays.) We were concinced by our guides that all the tourists aren’t in Kraków by accident. Because the castle Wawel, close to the Weichsel and the main square and the whole ambience are just lovely. After that we had some freetime we spent in smaller groups. You could find us drinking, eating, shopping, jogging, walking, doing sightseeing, visiting souvenir shops and libraries, at home or even on a boat trip. When we met at quarter to seven we went to have dinner at a traditional polnish bar mleczny (Milchbar). The main opinion to the salad, Pierogi or pancakes (nalesniki) was “hefty but good”. And one of us also was surprised by a free coffee ;). 
Divided in other groups we went to the Jewish quarter to have some drinks (without alcohol
- of course ;) ). But the majority was already sleeping at about midnight because we knew that the following day would be exhausting. 
And now the only thing we got to mention is the story about the feta cheese. The ones that are too young were punished by the new rules. The ones that are too loud were punished by the cheese!

Pia & Wera

Oświęcim - 19.08.2014

We started the day with a fast breakfast at 7:30. After that we sat in the bus and went to Auschwitz. The trip tooks 2 hours. When we came to Auschwitz we divided into two groups: polish and deutsch. We start tourning from famous gate "Arbeit macht frei". After that we came into barracks to saw some exhibitions about the way how people got there and what happend later. One of the most schocking thing were tons of hair, which were intended for sale. After that we go to the new exhibition which shows how people lived before war. Next stage was visit in Birkenau. We saw there a lot of else barracks and the place where people were admitted to the camp. The whole trip on the camp took 6 h. After that we came to the bus and went back to Wrocław. At 9 PM we ate dinner and If somebody wanted he could go to the seminary room to talk about Auschwitz. After meeting eweryone went to the room to sleep.

Day of Bartosz and Jakub 

Working Day - 20.08.2014

Today we started our day at breakfast at 7.30. Then we went to the cemetery. Some of us were throwing away rubbish and the other group was cleaning the graves. We also looked for new one that we needed to first dig out and then make sure that they aren't very dirty. We ended earlier than usually (about 11.30) and we came back to the hostel. Later we had lunch. It was chicken soup and for the second meal potatoes, minced meat and some salat. Then we had a short break. About 4 pm we went to Edith Stein House and we had there lecture about human rights, antisemitism and Edith Stein's live. In the evening we had a picnic on Slodowa Island. Some of us were playing volleyball, badminton or freesbe. We had a really nice time :D

Monika und Jagoda 


Today was our last working day on the cemetery. We cleaned another part of it from little trees (sächs.: nen Booom rausruppen ;) ) and weed. After work we went to the restaurant near the synagogue to eat there again. After lunch some of our group went to the "Aqua Park" where we enjoyed the fast and dangerous slides. Even some injures could not be avoided. When everyone returned to the Hostel we began to practice some songs to give a little concert in front of the synagogue the next day. First we started a very long Discussion about the song we should sing but then we realized that most of the songs sounded very horrible. In the end we tried "Wind of Change" from “The Scorpions” and it didn't sound that bad, so we decided to perform this one song as a regard to the Jewish community. After the discussions and the singing lesson there was still some time for going out. But not too long! Everyone had to be fit for the ceremony on the cemetery the next day…

Daniel & Christof

Day of the Ceremony - 22.08.2014

Today we had to be very quick with our all-day-cheese-cucumber-tomato-breakfast, because we had to be at the cemetery before our guests would be there. Unfortunately everybody was already there. So we started our ceremony at 10 o´clock. First of all Mr. Slowinski was reading a letter from Mr. Gleichgewicht to us, which was very emotional. After that the chairman of the saxon Volksbund was speaking a few words to us. Of course two of our participants, Pia and Bartosz, had the chance to tell our guests some impressions about the camp. Subsequent to the commemoration of dead by Ania and Christof, Mr. Kilcher said a prayer in hebrew, as well as Wera in german and Melania in polisch. A the end of the ceremony everybody had the possibility to put a flower on a grave.

Later we went to the synagogue to sing our song wind of change. 

In the afternoon we had a creative session in the kitchen, everybody had the chance to do his own cotton bag. All hands were full of ideas.

In the evening we went with those who wanted to the jewish cemetery where Ferdinand Lasalle and other important people are buried. Some of our group decided to have a evening boattrip afterwards. 


Besuch des Soldatenfriedhofs Groß Nädlitz - 23.08.2014

Das aufklarende Wetter nutzen wir heute kurzerhand für einen Ausflug zum Soldatenfriedhof nach Groß Nädlitz. Bisher hatten wir uns an fünf Tagen mit unserer Schaffenskraft auf dem „Neuen jüdischen Friedhof“ von Breslau eingebracht. Aufgrund dessen erschütternd schlechten Zustandes war unsere Arbeit dort jedoch nur ein erster Anfang, woran sich grundlegende Räum- und Kartierungsarbeiten anschließen müssen, um diesen Ort deutscher und jüdischer Kultur vor dem Verschwinden zu bewahren.

Welches Ergebnis dadurch zu Tage treten kann, wurde uns an der etwa 15 Kilometer von Breslau entfernten Kriegsgräberstätte offensichtlich. Seit 1998 besteht dieser neukonzipierte „Friedenspark“, der für etwa 18.000 Gefallene aus der Region um Breslau die letzte Ruhestätte bildet. Zugleich ist es ein offener Erinnerungsort, der zum Verweilen mit seinen jungen luftigen Ahornbäumen einlädt. Die wertvolle Arbeit des Volksbundes wurde uns allen verdeutlicht als wir die gepflegte und damit äußerst würdige Grablege besichtigten. Einem jeden von uns war die Betroffenheit anzumerken, als wir die Steinstelen mit den schier nicht enden wollenden Namen betrachteten. Darauf waren auch immer wieder die Lebensdaten von Jugendlichen zu finden, die kaum älter waren als die jüngsten Teilnehmer des Jugendlagers und die noch in den letzten Kriegstagen ihr Leben hingeben mussten.

Unser Betreuer Jan richtete abschließend einige andächtige Worte an uns, um uns diese Zusammenhänge zu verdeutlichen und den Nutzen der Arbeit des Volksbund deutscher Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. heraus zu stellen. Wir sind deshalb froh uns heute in einem solchen Austausch begegnen zu können!

Den Nachmittag verbrachten wir mit der Vorbereitung unseres Abschlussabends, der unweigerlich, wie auch das Ende der gemeinsamen Zeit, auf uns zukam. Wie auch die letzten Tage genossen wir noch einmal das Zusammensein mit liebgewonnenen Menschen. Dabei galt es aber vor allem unseren Betreuern etwas zurück zu geben. Als kleines Andenken an die wunderbare Zeit hatten wir Gruppenphotos für Lisa, Melania, Magdalena und Jan anfertigen lassen. Unser Dank gilt besonders ihnen, die sich stets um die (auch kurzfristige) Gestaltung der Tagespläne und das Wohlergehen der einzelnen Teilnehmer gekümmert haben. Wir wissen, dass das nicht immer leicht war, aber trotzdem insgesamt sehr gut funktioniert hat!

Wir freuen uns auf ein Widersehen in einem weiteren Workcamp 2015!

Emanuel & Andreas

Hiking Day -24.08.2014

Today we had the last Highlight of our camp - a trip to the Śnieżka/ Schneekoppe.  Due to sickness unfortunately not all of us could go there. 
The bus ride took about 2,5 hours, a lot of time to catch up on some sleep. So most of us closed their eyes and when we opened them again, we found ourselves in the middle of the Krkonoše/ Riesengebirge, but to reach our destination - the peak of the mountain - there was still a long way ahead of us. The first part of this way was a cable car ride. If you ask me, it wasn't a very regular one. Everybody was going up there in its own little chair about 10 meters aboveground, so again maximum respect to the ones who even did this with their fear of heights. After the cable car ride we had to walk for about 45 minutes and then we finally reached the peak. As a "reward" for this a hailstorm welcomed us up there. But we went into the mountain restaurant and when we left, it was at least sunny again. However it was still windy and very cold (about 3 degrees).

Later this day after Dinner Lisa and Anne returned already back to Dresden. The ones who stayed in Wroclaw went all together to the Wroclaw Market Square - Rynek. Then some went back to the Hostel and others visited one last time our beloved Pub "Pod Latarniami".


The Last Day - 25.08.2014

And so finally, the last day of our wonderful camp.

After a night of packing all our stuff, including fresh made DIY bags and camp T-shirts, came the morning of 25th August. Traditional breakfast time could be taken with less seriousness than usually but the vast majority of participants and leaders decided to eat something together as every day. We shared the last impressions about the time we spent together, we laughed, although the meal had to be fast. The German group was leaving first, so they had to be ready by 9 am. Everyone was very punctual, as always! The Poles could sleep in longer, as they could empty their rooms at 10am but they decided to say byebye to their German friends as they were leaving. There were some tears shed but there were also many hugs given and smiles shared. After the departure of the bus to Dresden, the Polish group still had some time to wander around Wrocław for the last time before leaving this awesome city.

It was a truly moving experience to say goodbye to people with whom we met only two weeks before but they already became our friends. It’s certain that at least some of us will stay in touch after the camp is over. The Facebook group is teeming with posts and photos, and hopefully we’ll manage to keep in contact with each other. Thank you all very much!



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