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Total of 5.393.588 war dead and missing

Last updated: 12.07.2024

Please enter at least a value for one of the following fields: First name, Last name or Place of birth.

Please note:

Since the place of birth is not known for all war dead, the results may be incomplete.

The collection of data has not yet been completed. In the next few years, approximately 500,000 names will be added to the database. If the person you are looking for is not yet recorded, you have the possibility to fill out a search form.

The Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge commemorates the dead of both world wars and the victims of tyranny. This database, which is connected with the function of a graves list, has purely documentary character. We know that inconceivable crimes were committed by German politics and warfare, especially during the Second World War. The victims of war and tyranny deserve sympathy and remembrance. The death of every human being in war is a reminder for peace. The dead who have incurred guilt also have the right to a grave. Therefore we document here the names of all German war dead. The German War Graves Commission works for reconciliation and understanding and is committed to a united Europe.

Note for chroniclers/researchers/heir investigators

Please note that on the excerpts from the cemetery name books, which you can request on the detail pages, only the names and the dates of life of the war dead and missing, the place of death/first burial, or the place of missing and, if applicable, the information on the current grave location appear.

The details of the military career or troop unit are not mentioned. The name book extracts are primarily intended for the relatives of the war dead and missing as a form of commemoration. They are not suitable for research purposes. If your research involves a chronicler inquiry or heritage investigation, please address it to: service@volksbund.de.

Example excerpt from the name book of the war cemetery Rzhev in the Russian Federation.

Lesen Sie mehr über den Kriegsgräberdienst und über die Volksbund-Arbeit allgemein.