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In order to protect peace in Europe and thus the health of all citizens, I am a member of Volksbund.
Dr. Miriam Emons (Emergency doctor)

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2.7 million German war graves in military cemeteries in Western and Eastern Europe to be preserved and cared for - so that the reminder of peace and reconciliation will remain remains clearly visible;

to search for war graves in Eastern Europe and to clarify fates - so that the relatives' long waiting for news finally comes to an end;

to keep alive the memory and remembrance of the victims of war and violence, both then and today - so that we do not forget how precious peace is;

to build cemeteries for our fallen finally also there, where it was not possible because of the division of Europe for 50 years;

to fulfill a humanitarian obligation on behalf of the Federal Government - because a association of people who are particularly interested in peace and reconciliation, can solve this task better than an anonymous state organization;

to promote national and international youth encounters – so that understanding and friendship grows and the mistakes of the past are not repeated;

to promote the peace education of our children - so that already in school the foundation is laid against war and violence.

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