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Youth Exchanges & Workcamps

International Youth Exchanges and Workcamps

Bi-, tri- or international youth exchanges are meeting places for young people from 12 to 27. During these events, the participants deal with experiences of war and violence in the 20th century. They discuss human rights, democracy and how to prevent extremism today and in the future. They find out how to support peaceful and tolerant togetherness and thus actively help shape Europe’s culture of remembrance. Sites of memory are imbedded in a culture of remembrance beyond national borders. Current sociopolitical questions play an important role during our projects. Workcamps are a special type of youth exchange. Practical work for the maintenance of war graves and memorials is combined with the historic and poltical examination of the respective memorial site. The participants contribute importantly to the maintenance of graves in order to keep them as memorials against war and tyranny.

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