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Volksbund to recover the one millionth war dead in autumn

Donation campaign linked to reburial work – Latest example: mass grave in Russia

The German War Graves Commission (Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V.) will have recovered one million dead from World War I and II by the fall. At the same time, the organization wants to collect one million euros in donations - two ambitious goals of the current campaign: the “One Million Project”.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain a new era for the Volksbund began. Since 1992, the organization found, recovered, and buried almost 995,000 dead, mainly in Eastern Europe. When the millionth dead person will be laid to rest in the fall, one of the two goals will be achieved. However, the Volksbund has not yet completed its task of finding war dead from both World Wars and clarifying their fates.

„Our work does not stop"

Secretary General Dirk Backen says: "We accompanied relatives to the war gravesites where we gave their husbands, fathers, brothers, and grandfathers a dignified resting place. Our work does not stop" - and it needs supporters.

The most recent example is the reburial of 177 Wehrmacht soldiers in Surovikino in the Volgograd region, formerly Stalingrad. It took several attempts and conversations with residents to lead the reburial team to the right spot. More than 80 dog tags will hopefully help to clarify the fates of the fallen soldiers.

Humanitarian goals, government mandate

The Volksbund works on behalf of the German government. Unlike similar institutions in other countries, the Volksbund is a humanitarian organization that fulfills its mission as a non-profit association. Donations and membership fees are the foundation for the work done by the Volksbund.

In 46 countries, the Volksbund maintains more than 830 war gravesites, where some 2.8 million war dead are buried. Every year, the organization recovers the remains of 12,000 to 15,000 more dead. 200 to 300 of them are found each year in the Federal Republic. In addition, the Volksbund has been doing educational and youth work for 70 years.

"We will reach the one million goal"

"With your help, we will reach the one million goal even three times," says Dirk Backen: "one million recovered soldiers, one million euros in donations and one million times success for compassion and humanity. Thank you!"