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Josef Ulrich

Date of birth -

Place of birth -

Death/missing date 21.11.1916

Death/missing place -

Service rank Unteroffizier

Josef Ulrich is buried in the military cemetery in Nazareth .

Endgrablage: auf diesem Friedhof

  • The name and personal data of Josef Ulrich are also recorded in the cemetery's memorial book. You are welcome to order an extract from us.
  • Please note that the version on display in some cemeteries is not the current version; therefore, the name of your relative may not be recorded in it.
  • If Josef Ulrich is related to you and you would like us to inform you about changes in the status, please fill out the following form.
  • Please check carefully beforehand on the basis of your documents whether it is really your relative. If you are not sure, please note this in the text field of the form.

Nazareth, Israel

Note for cemetery visitors

On some war grave sites, which the War Graves Commission has established in Eastern Europe, the name marking has partly not been done yet! Therefore, we urgently request that relatives contact us at the e-mail address service@volksbund.de or the telephone number +49(0)561-7009-0 before a planned trip. This way we can also guarantee that the respective war gravesite will be open on the planned date of the visit.

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