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International Youth Exchanges and Workcamps

International Youth Exchanges and Workcamps

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Footprints in the Mountains: Tracing History from the Dolomites to Slovenia




Come with us to experience the nature and the history of the regions on our route, starting in the majestic Dolomite mountains, via the picturesque Lake Garda and further to Slovenia. It will not only lead us through breathtaking landscapes, but also follow the traces of the wars, political upheavals and autonomy aspirations of the last century. Our hope is that this will offer us tools and tenets helpful for implementing peace in Europe.


We will explore memorial sites in the Dolomites and follow historical routes along the mountain front in South Tirol during the First World War, on our way to Lake Garda. The war cemetery in Costermano, where we will help to preserve graves and look at the fate of those killed in action, is our goal.

Our route continues to Slovenia, where we will discuss the events of the First World War in Kobarid and in the Soca Valley on the pathway of the "Walk of Peace".


Swimming in Lake Garda and explorations of Verona and the alpine world in South Tirol will be further activities. WANDERLUST and some alpine experience are prerequisites for participation in our mountain walks. You will need to be able to cope with 400 to 800m in altitude and 5 to 7 hours of walking.


Appointment 12.07.2024 - 26.07.2024
Number of participants 12 to 20 Participants
Age of participants 16-25
Preliminary meeting Es werden virtuelle Vorbereitungstreffen angeboten, die Termine und die Anmeldung dazu werden rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben. //Virtual preparatory meetings will be offered
Route Gemeinsame Abfahrt mit dem Bus voraussichtlich ab München//Joint departure by bus probably from Munich
Accommodation Mehrbettzimmern, Vollverpflegung//Shared rooms, full board
Participation fee 390,00 € - For participants from Germany
290,00 € - For participants from other countries
Passport/Visa gültiger Personalausweis//valid ID card
Health regulations Impfung gegen Tetanus und FSME (Zecken) empfohlen.//Vaccination against tetanus and TBE (ticks) recommended.
Registration by 06.06.2024